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Welcome to Borden County

Borden County was named for Gail Borden, a distinguished Texas patriot, surveyor and inventor of the process for condensed milk. It was created from Bexar County in 1876, but was not organized until 1891. The county seat is Gail, which boasts a Courthouse, Borden County School, Post Office, Coyote Country Store and Cafe, The Blue Paw Store and Cafe, and the Texas Department of Transportation.

Borden County is divided among the Permian Basin, South Plains and Rolling Plains of Texas. The caprock escarpment also divides the county creating two counties in one because the geography and lifestyles differ from those who live on the caprock and those that live in the low land. The county is 900 square miles of prairie grass and mesquite trees, as well as portions of farm land in all four corners of the county.

Recreation in Borden County includes school activities and athletic events, a museum, scenic drives, and Lake J.B. Thomas, which is fed by the Colorado River. There are ample opportunities for hunting, fishing and trapping.

In 2014, the population estimate was 652. Borden County ranks 251 of 254 Texas counties. 

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