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July 9, 2020

Borden County is currently exempt from GA-29, the state-wide facemask mandate. In addition to issuing order GA-29, Governor Abbott also issued an amendment to an earlier order, GA-28 (the “Amendment”). The Amendment provides that any outdoor gatherings in excess of 10 people are prohibited unless the county judge, in the case of a gathering in an unincorporated area (Borden County), approves of the gathering. The Borden County Judge has declared that Borden County citizens are free and permitted to have outdoor gatherings in excess of 10 people.

There are health/safety protocols for practically every type of gathering and business at www.gov.texas.gov/opentexas. Be smart. Take appropriate precautions. Wash your hands and avoid crowds when possible. When you must be in close proximity to people outside your household, please be considerate and wear a face mask. If you are sick, stay home. Minimize your risk of exposure and transmission. Don’t set our county on “fire”.

Be mindful when traveling to other counties and cities. You are in their jurisdiction and you should be aware of their restrictions and apply them accordingly.

Ross D. Sharp

Borden County Judge

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